From humble beginnings 


Growing up in different parts of the world and looking after myself from a young age, I learnt the value of independence, courage, confidence, resilience and close friendships. MAAVARO is a look at what life has taught me and how all of that shaped and inspired me throughout my journey. 


So I wanted to create something that may inspire others to take the leap of faith and go on their own journey and create a path for themselves. 


I have always been a fan of fashion, in particular sunglasses. Even as a kid I would stand in front of the mirror and try on this old pair which belonged to my granddad and act as if I was a celebrity, so safe to say I own a few pairs now as an adult. However one thing that always bothers me is how expensive good quality designer sunglasses are and also since one Italian company owns a huge piece of the market there's no real competition that could drive prices down.


This is when Maavaro was born. Our mission is to provide stylish and quality sunglasses at a fair price. All our sunglasses are UV400 and polarized as we want to provide you with both protection and style. By selling directly to consumers on our website, we can avoid unnecessary mark-ups hence we do not have brick and mortar shops. 


Our sunglasses come from talented manufacturers, who design each pair with care and pay attention to all the small details. This is also why we have limited stock. At Maavaro we are passionate about craftsmanship and quality at a reasonable price. Our collection merges timeless style with showstopping confidence. 


When you put on your sunglasses we want you to stand out from the crowd for your uniqueness, confidence and infectious lust for life. Go on take on the world, we will be there cheering on for you!

Your Maavaro Team

Much Love ❤